Honey Mustard Dressing

Here's What's For Dinner
This here little dressing recipe is a staple in my house. Like, it's made at least once a month.  
These little mason jars are great for packing lunches with!
I love making my own salad dressings ... I have a much better handle on what I'm consuming when I do so. You know that MOST shelf stable salad dressing are full of funky ingredients, right? So why not just take a few extra minutes and make your own and be healthier?

Back in the day, it was all about Kens Honey Mustard Dressing ... until I started reading labels. Whoops. The 2nd ingredient was HFCG.

So ... I had to pretty much kick my all time favorite dressing to the curb. *See how it says "Great for DIPPING"?? That's what it was all about for me!
But then I found this great recipe and I've been making it ever since that day! Chances are, you will be too!
Here's what  you need:
1/2 c olive oil. I've started to use the "light tasting" stuff OR avocado oil…

Chili Cheese Dogs

Here's What's For Dinner!
*So scratch THIS specifically for the evening! Hubby has decided to replace the brakes on the Jeep we picked up a few weeks ago ... that means NO FUN FOOD while he's doing that! A menu plan is GREAT and all buy you need to have flexibility ... so we will be having leftovers!*

I always forget how easy these are to make and the fact that the majority of the family is pretty happy with them ... heck, anything with lots of cheese, gooey and even better, they make a great patio meal.

Sadly, as my kids have grown up to be adults (24 and 26) they have changed their eating habits ... the Boy is vegetarian and the girl is pregnant. That means nothing sounds good to her. Ugh. Whatever. Hubby and I still enjoy these occasionally and they are on the menu this week!

I'm thinking someday I'm going to give these a try on the grill instead of the oven ... somehow I just KNOW that it will work perfectly!

So go ahead, give yourself a break and make somethin…

4-Way Chili

Here's What's For Dinner! 
We have a place down the street from us (well, over the bridge, around the corner and THEN down the street) called Skyline Chili.

Oh? You've heard of it, have you?

So ... it's not that I'm a 'fan' of the chili so much as the little coney dogs that are loaded sky high with the finely shredded cheese and onions ... oh yummm .... but ... Hubby and everyone else always, always gets the chili, 4-way ... and it's not inexpensive, all things considering.

So when I have leftover chili, I try to re-create my leftovers into a whole different meal ... and this is one of the things I do (the other is Chili Cheese Dogs, of course!)

Four Way Chili is really simple:

Layer 1 -spaghetti (or you can do like me and use spiralized zucchini)

Layer 2 - chili (and this recipe is a chocolate based, beanless chili so it's perfect)

Layer 3 - finely shredded cheddar cheese (if going for gluten/grain free, check your cheese, best to just shred it you…

Meal Planning for the Week

We are finally getting back to normal around here. The Princess and her Hubby, along with the cat and obtrusive dog left Sunday morning. The boy's girlfriend is back at her parents house as they got power Thursday (I think? My days are so messed up right now!). The Boy is back to work and the gym, I'm back to work as of Monday and Hubby is back to his usual whatever routine. I am still shocked at people I know who do NOT have power still! That's just crazy!

I figured now is a time to menu plan to get us back on schedule AND because we head out of town next week, hopefully.

Yeah, I said that. We are supposed to be driving the Jeep up to NW Indiana to leave it there for a vehicle to use when we visit. Long story but whatever. We are also waiting on the arrival of a new refrigerator, oven/microwave combo AND dishwasher for the main kitchen. It should have shipped this past week but with the hurricane we didn't get any notification of that happening, so now we ar…

Grocery Shops in Review

We are still going forward with Shelftember BUT there has been a little bit of a set back with the hurricane last week … I ended up tossing a few things as time went on and then when the power came back on, I went through everything once again just to be safe. Can I tell you how glad I am that I iced up grocery bags and tossed them in the freezers that past week. It kept things frozen and reduced my loss quite substantially. I was pretty anal about checking stuff several times a day, moving things around. I know you are not supposed to be opening the freezers but I couldn’t help it. I kept moving everything DOWN as the cold air falls … doh.
On top of it all, we are eating three times the amount of food in that the kids and their better halves are staying with us as well. Have you been following me on Instagram? You’ll see another guest that’s quite demanding as well.

So this past week had ONE grocery shop since I’m not counting our pre-hurricane rush to the store.
Trader Joe’s – Septe…

Simple Orzo Salad

Hey, hey ... we made it through Hurricane Irma ... that was one LONG storm and after that, I'm not so sure I'd stick it out for another one!

Our weather station bit the dust as for the wind thingy ... but the rain gauge shows we got over 13 inches of rain.

And the power went out at 4am Sunday. Came back on at 5pm Tuesday. THAT was a miracle in my mind.

So onward with #Shelftember!

Sort of. See, I had to toss a few things from the freezer AND I've been feeding 6 adults as to the usual two of us ... hurricanes have a tendency to bring unexpected guests! It's fine, I'm glad that we are able to help, trust me.

So, that brings me to this recipe. Me and the Princess ran to my office on Thursday morning so she could print out some labels for her baby shower while I tried to get my office back in order. That didn't happen, really, as we had some water damage in the two offices that face south due to the 8 plus hours of driving rain and wind! Whatever.  We stopped at Tr…

Chopped Chicken Caprese Salad

Hey, how about a little salad recipe that's quick to whip up and yummy too!?

Remember I picked up that chicken at Costco? And was so sorry I did as we are NOT fans of that ...

Well, I had to do something with it, you know?

So what the heck, lets chop it up and make a salad, shall we??

This was for ONE salad ...

head of baby romaine, washed and dried
a nice chunk of cooked chicken
a few little mozzarella balls
fresh basil
cherry tomatoes
fresh basil, chopped

For the dressing, you will need

1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1/4 cup of avocado oil (olive oil is fine as well)
a small dab of grey poupon mustard
a little more fresh basil chopped ;-)

Get chopping! Chop the lettuce and chicken in to bite size pieces. Cut your cherry tomatoes in half.

I used two of these little snack size cheese things. I cut the pieces in half as well (there are 3 balls per pack)

Grab a small bowl and dump all the ingredients for the dressing in. I personally prefer to mix mine up in a canning jar as this makes a …